In preparation for leasing your property, we suggest that the property is presented in a clean and tidy manner and meets all of minimum safety and security requirements. Below is a checklist to assist you with preparing your property:


  • Mow and edge laws (lawn clippings to be removed)
  • Garden beds to be weeded
  • Ensure all reticulation is in working order. Should the lawns and gardens not be reticulated, we would suggest you provide the tenants with adequate hoses and sprinklers to ensure the gardens and lawns are maintained.
  • Sweep paths and patios/pergolas
  • Clean out carport/garage and/or shed(s), remove all rubbish, cobwebs, etc.
  • Clean out gutters and remove any cobwebs from eaves
  • Wash windows inside and out, including washing and/or dusting flyscreens, sills and tracks
  • Complete any general maintenance that is required prior to the tenant moving in. Your agent will inform you if there are any areas that need attending to



  • Clean oven/stove inside and out, including any racks and trays
  • Clean sinks and taps
  • Clean exhaust fan cover
  • Clean cupboards inside and out
  • Wipe over bench tops and other surfaces throughout


  • Clean shower recess – glass and tiles, taps shower rose and soap dish
  • Clean floor and wall tiles (including floor drain grate)
  • Clean vanity, basin, taps and spout, mirror and the exterior and interior of any cupboards
  • Clean bath, taps and spout
  • Clean exhaust fan cover and ensure the fan is in good working order
  • Clean toilet area – floors, walls, cistern and bowl


  • Clean floor and wall tiles (including floor drain grate)
  • Clean trough and cabinet
  • Wipe down any benches or shelves


  • Window and sliding door tracks to be vacuumed and cleaned
  • Walls and doors to be wiped down and window sills cleaned
  • Dust skirting boards
  • Carpets to be professionally steam/ dry cleaned
  • Light fittings and ceiling fans to be dusted and/or cleaned
  • Light switches, power points, telephone jacks, etc. to be wiped clean
  • Replace any light globes that have blown, especially recessed halogen globes
  • Tighten loose door knobs and oil squeaky door hinges
  • Wash curtains and/or window treatments throughout if required and dust blinds

Make a good impression for prospective tenants. If the property is made available to a tenant in a good, clean condition, then there can be no dispute on how the property should be returned to the owner on the tenant's vacation of the property. Setting a high standard from the outset will always help to ensure that your property is well maintained and cared for.