What is the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)?

NRAS is a Federal Government initiative that aims to:

  •  Increase the supply of new and affordable housing
  •  Reduce the rental costs for low and moderate income households
  •  Encourage large-scale investment and innovative delivery of affordable housing

How do I know if I am eligible?

You are eligible to rent an NRAS Property if the combined gross income of your household is within the NRAS income limits. Please refer to our “Am I Eligible?" page here

What sort of documents do tenants have to provide?

All NRAS tenants have to provide income documents to show their gross income for the previous 12 months and a complete Tenant Demographic Assessment (TDA) form, in addition to the standard application documents.

Why do I need to provide income documents?

Income documents must be provided to ensure that you are eligible to tenant an NRAS Property, i.e. that your gross income does not exceed the income limits.

Why do I need to complete a Tenant Demographic Assessment (TDA)?

The TDA form is a requirement to be able to tenant a property under NRAS as the information must be provided to the Department of Social Services at the end of each NRAS Year to ensure tenant eligibility.

What is a sole parent?

A sole parent is a single adult with children under the age of 18.

What is an independent minor?

An independent minor is someone under the age of 18 who is not financially supported by any other tenant in the household.

What do I do if I am an existing tenant and my situation changes?

Please inform you Property Manager of any changes in your situation as soon as practicable.

My NRAS application was not approved last time. Can I apply again?

Yes. However, as unsuccessful applications are not kept on file for privacy reasons, you will have to provide all documentation again.

How is my rent determined?

All NRAS rent are at least 20% less than the Market Value Rent. The Market Value Rent is determined using a written valuation (and the NRAS Market Index). For further information please go to the Department of Social Services’ website here.

I own an NRAS Property. When will I receive my Refundable Tax Offset (RTO) Certificate?

Please contact Australian Affordable Housing Securities Limited for any details relating to the RTO Certificate here.


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