Choosing the right Property Manager

When it comes to the management of your rental property, choosing the right Property Manager is crucial!

Everyone has heard the horror stories of what can happen to your investment property if it is poorly managed. It can be financially straining and not to mention stressful on the Landlord.

Don’t fret, here are some steps on how to choose the right agent to manage your rental property.

Step 1 – Do your research

Usually, the best place to start when looking for an agent is researching the top agents that service your area. These days, it is not necessarily beneficial for the agent’s office to be situated in the target area.  Rather, check the agent’s reach and online presence.  Some agents invest in platforms with advanced customer relationship databases to make finding a suitable tenant a breeze.

Reviews and testimonials are another great way to see what other people in the community have to say about an agent.  These can be a great insight into how they deal with their clients and how their overall service is. However, don’t be quick to form a judgement based on any negative reviews. This type of feedback can set a balance of how an agent performs. For example, a review from a tenant stating they were charged cleaning could mean that the Property Manager was very thorough in undertaking the Final Bond inspection.

Once you have a few agencies or Property Managers in mind, check out their website and social media accounts as their online presence may help you assess their point of difference. It would be wise for For example, what they can do for your rental property and if that aligns with how you would like your investment being managed.

Step 2 – Ask questions

Once you have narrowed down your search to a couple of agents, it’s time to contact them and ask questions.

Below are just some of the questions that we think are crucial in helping you make your decision:

  • How long have you been in property management?
  • What are your Agency’s marketing strategies?
  • What is the process for assessing potential tenants?
  • Do you attend court to represent your Landlords if needed?
  • What sets your Agency apart from the others?

These questions will give you a good overview and if they will be a good fit as your Property Manager.

Last step – Making your decision

Now that you have gathered sufficient information and have a list of top contenders, it is time to make your decision.

Our tips to picking the right agent are simple – look for communication, experience and overall impression.

Remember, you will be communicating with your Property Manager frequently, so you want to choose an agency that you can communicate freely with and that has your best interest in mind.

If you have read this and are contemplating a change of agency, please contact Real Property WA today to experience the Real Property difference.